Sparkles, Glitter and Glitz ‘Oh..My’

I honestly don’t think I have ever met a woman that isn’t addicted to anything that sparkles…..its like we have a special section in our brain that says:
‘holy shit that’s pretty!, I need this in my life’….

This is me…to a tea! I’m like one of those awesome birds that collect things that shine, or are of the one colour…..but  with glitter! So to my surprise the other day when I came across this new makeup, I had to have it….like….NOW!! Will I wear it? Hell yes I will, If I could do my weekly shopping with a fully ‘glitterfied’ cut crease on my eye with false lashes, and tracksuit pants I would! I would walk down the aisles of the store picking between Dinner Winner and Kan Tong dressed like a bum rocking the best looking glitter eye anyone has ever seen! I would then buy my groceries, and proceed home to look at myself in the mirror, but that’s just me!! PMSL!!!

The product I am talking about is “Eye Kandy”

Little pots of glitter goodness! 3gms to be accurate! I made my discovery in Sydney the other week, a whole display of every colour of the rainbow displayed on a table for all to try….so of course I did. These pots come in soo many colours it is honestly too damn hard to pick just one colour, so I bought a heap!

They ‘activate’ into a liquid glitter by using a liquid called “liquid sugar”, a little see through bottle that looks like water, but I’m telling you….it is anything but…’s MAGIC!!

You simply dip a little liquid onto a brush, dip your brush into the glitter and WAH LA, a magic setting glitter! These glitters can be used on eyelids, lips and any other skin surface and is safe for sensitive skin and those that wear contact lenses. The glitters easily wash off with soap and water as well.. Bonus! (If anyone has tried to remove glitter nailpolish before, you know the struggle is real when it comes to glitter!)

I recommend using a little at a time and layering if need be to avoid clumps. When using the darker glitters, it is recommended to use a dark shadow underneath to show the glitters full effect. It takes about 30 seconds to dry, and you are left with a glitter shine that the glitter gods would be proud of, even jealous!

It wears really well! I applied the liquid glitter as a liner for a function I had, I applied at 8am in the morning and by the time I got home at 7pm, my eyes were still glitzy! almost 12hrs….not too shabby.

If your in the market for some eye, lip or face glitter, that is designed for face ( NEVER use craft glitter ) give this a try!




Let’s Talk About Me!!

If I could possibly stand up in room surrounded by everyone sitting on chairs in a circle and announce ” My name is Katie, I’m 32 and I am a self confessed beauty addict, and I have an obsession with all things makeup and hair ” and then flick my hair….I would. This is me. Katie. Not one shy away from a brief second in the limelight,( especially if my makeup is on point!! ).

I am a mother of two children who are my WHOLE world! The eldest, which is, my daughter 10yrs, and my little man is 8yrs.! Pigeon Pair, go me!! They are the apple of my eye, and not a day goes by I don’t thank the good JUJU that came my way and sprinkled me with luck dust to get my 2 beautiful kids! And I should probably mention my husband aswell. Yep, I have one, I have had him for 11 years. That’s all! lol.

I have been a qualified Hairdresser for 17 years! ( I started very young ) and have been doing makeup for just as long! It’s my passion! If I get a chance to put my hands on someone and make them look AMAZING I will, permission or not….ya gotta watch me, if you turn your back for a second, i’ll be ready with hairspray and lipstick!! And if I get the chance to make someone feel proud and confident in themselves, by passing them my knowledge and know-how, than my mission in life is complete. I’m sure that’s what I was put on earth for, my mission in life….my purpose!

There is soooooo much I want to share with you guys! this is why I have decided to start up a blog! Its taken me a while, ( It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to turn my new bloody laptop on ) to work all this techy stuff out, but bare with me! I hope to share with you guys, my fave Makeup products and Hair products, Tips and Trick, How-To’s ,  product reviews and a heap of other random shit that will probably be hilarious……. to me anyways!

So grab ya bikkies and Tea ( or Redbull ) in my case, grab a comfy chair, lock the kids outside for a while with a heap of $2 bubbles from K-mart and come along for a ride with me!! Welcome to “Lippy and Rouge”!!