Make your eye “COLOURPOP”

One of the most talked brands in the world of makeup, and I finally got it in my hot little hands…..all the way from America let me introduce you all to ……. “colourpop!!”

If you have ever been on Instagram, or on a YouTube makeup tutorial video, I’m sure you have heard of the brand Colourpop! An American based company that makes a uniquey crafted eyeshadow like none other that I have ever tried!!………..EVER.

I first seen Colourpop on YouTube. A well known beauty guru was doing one of those unboxing videos that I just LOOOOOVE watching! As I sat there, glued to the video, she was pulling out of the box, these little pots of colour. I watched intently. One by one, these eyeshadow pots were untwisted and swatched on her wrist, and at that very moment, I knew I had to get them!! TAKE MY MONEY!!

After putting the kids to bed, I snuggled up in my bed, pulled out my trusty mobile and went to town on the Colourpop website. I swear it took me about an hour and a half to pick the colours I wanted…..I wanted them all! I stuck to the “Super Shock” shadows, because they looked the most glittery and intense. If I was going to go for something “colourful” to add to my makeup collection, I wasn’t going to half-arse it! The Super Shock eyeshadow colours looked extremely vibrant and bold….and boy was I right!!!

So the wait began. Days went by, my front window had an almost permanent drool mark from the hours I spent waiting for the mailman to deliver my package. And 10 days later, it arrived!

I have to laugh, whenever I get a package in the mail that I am super excited about, I have to get everything in the house done first, dishes, vacuuming, hanging out all the washing etc, it’s almost like a reward for me…. after I get all the shit stuff done first!

So there I am, just me, my cup of tea, and a box of Colourpop goodies! The packaging is super cute and I even got a little personalised card inside, nice touch Colourpop!! I began my unboxing, I swatched, I swirled, and I played. It was like Christmas.

I have gotta say, the texture of these eyeshadows are quite different, they are bouncy almost!, like mousse or soft icing. Bizarre but really cool. The colour pay off is incredible with a swatch on the arm, intense and everything I hoped it would be! I was soooo impressed! But the real test was yet to come…how will it wear???

I wasn’t sure what the best way was to apply the eyeshadow was, and I heard that the eyeshadows are a lot more pigmented when applied by your finger to the eyelid….and I would have to agree. I went straight in with one of the brightest colours I got, called COCONUT. Its an intense cobolt/peacocky blue that is to die for! Go bold or go home right?? I was a little disappointed with the application using just a brush, I must say. Using your finger is, by far, the best way to go with these shadows. So I improvised. I laid down the colour with my fingers first, and then, with a blending brush, buffed the colour into my lids to blend it out…TADAAAAA worked like a charm! So my recommendation is this method! With the lighter, more shimmery shades it doesn’t matter as much, but if your going for a Colour POP….( see what I did there! lol ) blend, blend, blend!!! They wore incredibly well all day….roughly 12 hours, and where even a little difficult to get rid of, you have to really scrub some of the colours off, they stayed that well!

I did a heap of swatches on my arm, but found it very hard to get a really good angle for all the colours to show in all their glory, so I swatched on stark white paper in hopes to get a better view of the colour shifts and the true tones of the colours I bought. They are so damn colourful its truly very hard to get an accurate pic, but here they are:

I am truly in love with Colourpop eyeshadows, and hope to in the future to try all of the other products they have including: Lipsticks, Highlighters, Lip Liners, Eyeliners, and they now have single eyeshadows also!  I will definitely keep you all updated when I make my next purchase or get a chance to try them out!!

In the meantime jump over to and grab yourself some!! You wont be disappointed!!!!

Leave me a comment! Have you your tried ‘Colourpop’? what is you favourite shade or product? I you have any questions or just want to have a chat send me an email at: or leave me a comment in the comment box below! xxxxxxxx Katie